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Bishop John I. Cline is the senior pastor of the New Life Baptist Church in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. At the age of seventeen, he left the shores of the British Virgin Islands to pursue tertiary education and greater exposure and opportunities in the United States of America by way of the United States Virgin Islands. He pursued his tertiary training in Framingham, Massachusetts, in electronic engineering. Upon completion of his training, he then relocated to Bloomfield, New Jersey. There, he was licensed to preach and began his ministry in 1985 at the New Light Baptist Church, where Reverend C. Hall (of blessed memory) presided as senior pastor. While at New Light, he served in the capacities as associate minister and youth pastor. In this capacity, one of his chief accomplishments was launching the church’s first ministry to the homeless.

In 1989, following his ordination as a pastor, he was led to return to the British Virgin Islands and continued his ministry in the capacity as youth pastor at the Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church in Tortola. In 1993, he was called to act in the capacity as senior pastor to the Road Town Baptist Church, a call he willingly accepted. The church grew under his leadership by leaps and bounds, and in 1995, it acquired property upon which to construct new premises for the church. In February of 1997, the church broke ground, and nine months later, the building was dedicated and the church was renamed The New Life Baptist Church. He continues today to serve New Life as its senior pastor.

Bishop Cline is a leader with a vision and firmly believes that as children of the living God, we must impact the world, not just spiritually but socially and physically as well. Passionate about this vision, in the year 2000, the idea of a New Life Day Care was downloaded to him. The main focus was to ensure that children in the British Virgin Islands community were receiving early tuition in biblical teachings as well as in their academic journey. A second building was constructed and dedicated to house the New Life Day Care Centre. The day care opened its doors in September 2000, and subsequently expanded to include a preschool a year later, in 2001. The now New Life Day Care & Learning Centre is geared toward children from three months to seven years old. It adopts the British education system and thereby provides tuition and instruction for preprimary-aged students up to Stage II. The population of the day care and learning center to date approximates 105 students.

In 2003, NLBC spread its mission to Africa, where it supports a church in Nairobi, Kenya. NLBC has also pledged its financial support to a school administered by the church in Kenya, and in appreciation of this generosity, the school was named the Tortola Child Rescue and Learning Centre. Together, the partnership has seen the growth of the primary school from twenty students to nearly three hundred students at present. Bishop Cline (together with members of NLBC and members of the BVI professional community, including contractors, architects, and the like) traveled to Kenya in July 2014 and began the construction of the secondary school, which will enable the primary school students to continue their education at the secondary level. On 5 May 2017, Bishop Cline took a similarly constituted team to Africa and completed the construction of the secondary school, which was named the Tortola High School of Excellence.  In July of 2017, he was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Award by the Rotary Club of Road Town for his humanitarian contributions and service above self, to the BVI community and beyond.

In October 2005, he was consecrated to the Office of the Bishop and inducted into the College of Bishops as a presbyter, adjudicator, and an examiner. With his mindset to impact the British Virgin Islands community, in 2011, Bishop Cline acted upon a vision as he embarked on the construction of a recreational facility that would mainly target the youth generation—a generation that he feels is in dire need of attention and rescue. In November 2012, the recreational facility was constructed and dedicated and is now in daily operation. The multimillion-dollar facility is approximately thirty thousand square feet and houses a gymnasium with modern, state-of-the-art workout equipment, a full-size basketball/volleyball court, a children’s playroom and café, a six-lane bowling alley, conference facilities, a ballroom, and a learning center. As the visionary for the Save the Seed Energy Centre, Bishop Cline believes that the multipurpose sport facility will help to create an impact in the British Virgin Islands community by providing a safe and productive environment for young people to congregate and engage in wholesome and enriching activities.

In furthering its commitment to the Great Commission, the church also has a televangelism arm and televises its services not only on the island of Tortola, but also in other islands in the Caribbean, including St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Anguilla, and Jamaica. Its annual Healing and Deliverance Crusade and its annual Power Plus Crusade are also streamed internationally and have developed quite a large following, including the New Life diaspora, all of whom are very appreciative of the efforts New Life makes to ensure that even those who could not be physically present can be spiritually fed.

He is also the founding member of the New Life Baptist Church Foundation. The foundation was legally established in October 2011 to facilitate charitable endeavors. Other missionary endeavors of the New Life Baptist Church, as spearheaded by Bishop Cline, include the commissioning and construction of the facilities that house the Emanuel Baptist Church in Virgin Gorda as well as the provision of financial support to the Boys Home in St. Kitts, West Indies.

An avid and dedicated businessman, Bishop Cline is also the cofounder and president of Infinite Solutions, a BVI business company, through which he successfully trades consumer electronics and associated services in the British Virgin Islands. He is also the founder, president, and managing director of Atlantis Solar, a BVI business company through which he successfully markets, promotes, and distributes alternative energy products locally, regionally, and internationally.

Known for his love for God, his compassion for people, and his undeniable business prowess and acumen, Bishop Cline was appointed to the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority (the Authority) in March 2012, where he presently serves as chairman of the board of directors of the Authority. Bishop Cline attributes his success to the influence of godly parents, strong family ties, a caring church, and a supportive community. He desires to “pass it on!”