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In The Monogamy Mystery, author and bishop John I. Cline explains from a biblical perspective how to prevent infidelity going forward and how to survive infidelity in marriage. He shows how when addressing the root of the problems in marriages, a question consistently resonates: Were we really designed to be monogamous? With a skillful biblical, sociological, and spiritual analysis, Bishop Cline elucidates the philosophical and theological import of the institution of marriage, and the interdisciplinary dialogue he offers through biblical analysis elicits a relevant psychological-theological effect that has the power to transform the mind!

Those who seek to have their lives guided and directed by godly principles—and who hope to live the abundant life that Jesus promised by seeking greater depths and growth in their relational lives—will find The Monogamy Mystery to be a bastion and refuge of life, peace, and rest. And by understanding the roots of infidelity and how to conquer it, they will enjoy more fulfilling lives.